Welcome to the University of Surrey Feminist Society's Page! Here you can find out more about us, meet the committee, get involved and see what events we have planned for the next year!


    About Us    

At the feminist society, we host a wide range of events including talks from external speakers, trips to see films, workshops on protests & activism, marches, trips to feminist theatre performances, and fund-raising for charities.


A large number of our events exist to facilitate discussions about feminist issues in a safe space. These are super useful if you want to figure out where you stand on something, learn more about a topic, or simply be able to discuss the news with like-minded people!


To meet the committee, get involved or to see what events we have planned, keep on reading!



    Meet the Committee    

Bethany Dawson



Hello! I'm Bethany, I'm a final year Politics and Sociology student, and I'm the Vice-President of Feminist Society! I'm also the Editor-in-Chief of Incite, the University Politics Magazine, and I'm a freelance journalist too. I write lots of pieces on gender rights, and my personal goal is to be known as "feminist killjoy" in all walks of life. 


I'm really excited to work with the rest of the committee on making Feminist Society the most inclusive and accessible society it can be. We're for everyone who believes in gender equality, and I can't wait to meet all the feminists on campus. Feel free to message me (or the rest of the lovely committee) with any questions!

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Alice Brooks


Hi, everyone! I’m Alice and I’m a second-year French and Spanish student. I will be your President for the next academic year. I’m thrilled to be a part of this year’s committee as I find equality/gender politics super interesting and I can’t wait to start meeting other students who do too! This academic year, I will also be writing news and opinion articles for the University Politics Magazine, Incite, as well as doing a Global Graduate Award in British Sign Language.


My focus for the society is to develop a place where all students can voice their opinions on feminism and gender equality. But primarily, I think it’s important for Feminist Society to be somewhere for members to build friendships, attend events and participate in activism and volunteering no matter their gender, sex, age, race or sexuality. 

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Ellen Parry



Hey! I’m Ellen a second-year Politics student here at Surrey and I’m the Treasurer of the Feminist Society for 2020/21. I’m also Societies Chair at the Students’ Union and Social Secretary of the Politics Society. I’m super keen to break down barriers to participation, engage in student activism and increase our presence on campus. My aims for the society this year are to hold regular events and collaborate with other societies to grow our network. Message a member of the committee or come along to one of our events to get involved, all welcome!

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Beth Roberts

Social Media Secretary

Gabriela Ekoku

Social Secretary


To be added...


Check out the calendar below to see our future events!

2018/19's committee at the 2018 Fresher's Fair

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Get In Touch 

Hi guys! I’m Beth, a Masters student studying English Literature, and your Social Media Secretary for FemSoc 2020/21! As someone whose final year dissertation focused on the internalised misogyny in the works of Ian McEwan, I can firmly say that feminism has always been an essential social and academic pursuit for me. 


I am so excited to work with the other amazing FemSoc committee members this year to make the experience for all FemSoc members enjoyable, fun and interesting! I hope I can use the social media to give our community a chance to easily connect and to share important events, conversations and resources. Send us a message on any socials!

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